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"'s supposed to look a little ugly."


The Ugly Pie


Founded by Heather Hall, Shaina Bounds, and Bridget Perry, The Ugly Pie started as a dream.

Born in 2014 over a bottle of wine, we were just three friends who wanted to do something different. We wanted to be able to work for ourselves doing something we love. After brainstorming ways to bring our strengths together in a collective effort we landed on PIE!


Initially started out of our homes selling to family and friends. The following year we started by handing out samples of our pies at Third Friday. In 2015 the Roscovich family let us use their kitchen space at Black Diamond so we could fill catering and pre-orders before landing our own space in 2017.


We now have a storefront on 829 E. William Street in Salisbury, Maryland where our customers can pick up pre-orders, choose from a variety of fresh baked slices, pints, and full-sized pies or enjoy a cup of coffee or a pie-milkshake!​


As far as the name goes, according to Heather, “Sometimes the filling bubbles over or the crust looks a little’s supposed to look a little ugly.” 

On any given day you can find Shaina or Heather in the shop filling orders and waiting on customers. (After the first year, Bridget had to step back from the business due to her celiacs disease.) ​We’d love for you to stop by!


Come and get it.

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