How do I place an order?

You may place personal orders in person, over the phone or on our website, or through our email. We do require two full days notice. Pickup of your order is available in our shop during normal business hours, we do not hold orders after 24 hours. Payment is required upon receipt. Please speak with one of us if you have any questions about catering or delivery. Preorders for holidays require more notice and are subject to close once we hit a maximum - if you want to guarantee yourself a pie for a major holiday, we encourage you to order early!

Do you offer DELIVERY?

At this time we only make deliveries for catering jobs.

Do you offer catering?

We love catering weddings and events! Please book as early as possible, a 25% down payment will secure the date. Any event set-up or display pieces will incur an additional fee, and ask us about individual boxing and bagging options for favors. Delivery is available (for catering orders only) with no charge within Salisbury, $0.40/mile out-of-town. 


Whats with the name? Your pies look amazing!

So, we know our pastries usually look pretty delectable. Sometimes, they even turn out pretty! But more often than not, the filling is oozing out, the crust is a little uneven, or the tops cave in a little, giving you a peek of the tasty fruit inside. We aren't interested in making immaculate works of art. We just care about using quality ingredients to make something like Grandma would. A little ugly and a whole lotta delicious. 


Do you make anything other than pies?

Along with our delicious dessert pies, we also have coffee, tea, and our famous PIE MILKSHAKES. We plan to offer savory pies and lunch and dinner soon. If you need a recommendation for cakes or other bakery items, hit us up! We have a few wonderful local bakeries we'd be happy to recommend. 


What the heck is a chess pie?

You are likely to get a different answer depending on who you ask. But generally, a chess pie is a traditional Southern-style custard pie made with an egg and butter base. Typically, it has a rich, gooey center and forms a nice top crust. Our Lemon Chess is our personal favorite (and most popular) chess pie.

Where can we park?

There is a gravel lot behind the building, right off Lake Street with some available parking. Feel free to use our back door to come right in! Please note, some spots are reserved for Perdue and please be sure to not block our dumpster!